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May God bless you with an overflow of abundance as you give

to help the Body of Christ continue to share GOD's word

and be a beacon of hope for all.

Click the eGive icon to the right to give now

via credit card or bank account number

One-time Donation

Credit Card or Bank Account

  • Go to the Church's home page, scroll down and click on the “DONATE ONLINE” box in the middle of the page. (Or click on "eGive" icon above)

  • Now you will be taken to the E-Give secure online giving portal.

  • Click on the “GIVE NOW” tab

  • Choose which Fund/Category you want your contribution to be allocated

  • Now you can enter the desired amount you wish to give.

  • Once you have chosen your fund (category) name and amount to give, you can add another line item (fund/category and amount) or proceed to entering your credit card information. (adding multiple line items allows you to divide your donation up into different categories.)

NOTE:  You can set up re-occurring donations by clicking on the “Make this gift Recurring” box.  You will be taken to a new screen to sign-up/sign-in

  • On the next screen you can enter your Credit Card information OR

    If you want to use your banking information click on the “Bank Account” tab.  Once you can entered your credit card or Banking information, click SUBMIT.  (Note:  Please make sure you add a VALID email address. This email address is used to send you a receipt of your transaction.)

  • Now you can check your email to view your receipt from the transaction you just made.


that you can now give via text

Just follow the instructions below to get set up.



Text: 1 (773) 869-7178

  • Use one of the codes below to choose your category:

Tithes = Tithes

School = Sunday School

Scholar = Scholarship

Pastor = Pastor Anniversary

General = General Fund

Faith = Faith Builders

Church = Church Anniversary

Men = Men’s Day

Women = Women’s Day


  • After you enter your code name, hit space and then the amount you want to enter

  • First time users will be required to register (ONE TIME) only.  After you register, you will only need to enter the text number, code, space and then the amount.  Note:  Registration is to lock in your credit card or bank account information for future use.

  • After each text you will receive and immediate text and email acknowledging your donation.

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