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Mission Statement ​

Modeling, Mentoring, & Molding

​The Men’s Ministry of the Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church is an Outreach Ministry endeavoring to purposely impact the lives of men. ​We aim to journey through life exhibiting the character of our Savior, His humility, His servant-hood and His love. ​


In short we Model christian behaviors before men, we Mentor men by demonstrating christian conduct, and we are Molding men to be a witness for Christ.

What makes a 
"Mighty Man of Valor"
Conduct's himself with Christian character
Faithful to God's word and the call on his life.
Honest and has a good reputation.
Willing to serve without recognition.
Makes time to serve the Church and others.
Exemplifies the sympathy of Christ for others.
Not afraid to speak the truth concerning 
the word of God.
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