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Promoting Discipleship Training

Positive Community Development and

Economic Growth in Our Community

Pastor Matthews is one of Chicago’s most respected leaders in the evangelical circles. As an expository preacher, teacher, and speaker he serves the body of Christ through his unique abilities to communicate complex theological truths through simple yet profound illustrations ,while addressing practical issues of today such as: mass incarceration, gangs, violence, poverty, drugs, unemployment and education.


Pastor Matthews has a Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL in Industrial Engineering. He has worked many years as an Engineer and Engineering Senior Manager.


Pastor Matthews has 35 years of pastoral experience: (3)years at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Murphysboro, IL, (15)years at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, Carbondale, IL, and currently he is the Pastor of the Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church for the last (17)years.


Pastor Matthews leads the congregation in the life changing journey to restore God’s priorities to their lives. His teaching focus is to guide the people of God in being a “Kingdom Minded Church”. He teaches that the church response to being “Kingdom Minded” is to commit to their “Personal Relationship with God”, “Be A Disciple”, and “Be A Disciple Maker”. He leads in: the church wide teachings of real life discipleship training to equip disciples to make disciples, congregational evangelism after morning worship, individual ministries creative evangelism, door to door witnessing, street witnessing, street corner worship, and street corner prayer.


Pastor Matthews supports the congregation as they serve the community as the “Hands and Feet of Christ” by: feeding the hungry, inviting strangers in, providing clothing, visiting the sick and those in prison. Matthew 25: 35-36


Pastor Matthews is the founder of City Lights Community Outreach Corporation whose mission is to serve the needs of the community through the promotion of community wellness, education, senior workshops, addiction counseling, job fairs, housing referrals, and food distribution.


Pastor Matthews is married to Debora Walton Matthews. They have two adult sons Walter Wendell Matthews, II (Shayna) and William Walton Matthews (Brittany).

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